Teachers want HSEB restructured

Kathmandu, July 13:

The Higher Secondary Teachers’ Association Nepal (HISTAN) today demanded that the government and the Higher Secondary Education Board ensure better management of higher secondary schools, create a conducive environment for teachers and restructure the HSEB.

Making public the resolutions passed by its first national convention held in Lalitpur on July 12, the HISTAN said that each higher secondary school should have five teachers, an accountant, a librarian and a peon.

It also asked the government to introduce the Private Higher Secondary School Management Act, making clear provision on terms and conditions as well as salaries of the teachers and staffers of higher secondary schools.

Calling on the government to appoint the controller or the vice-chairman of the HSEB from among the full-timer higher secondary teachers, the HISTAN threatened to shut schools nationwide if its demands were not met.

The HISTAN also demanded that the state ensure free higher secondary education and guarantee of the professional rights of the higher secondary teachers.