PHIDIM, July 11

Authorities in Panchthar have said teachers working as political leaders and cadres will face action.

The move is aimed at improving the ailing education sector in the district.

District Education Office, Panchthar, took a decision to this effect after realising that teachers in large numbers in the district were more involved in politics — with different positions and portfolios in political parties —than engaging themselves in classroom activities.

According to District Education Officer Gyanmani Nepal, the DEO has been collecting data of such teachers.

“We’re preparing to ask the parties active in the district to give us the names of such teachers. Once the data is collected, we will take action against the teachers who are holding various positions of different political parties,” he added.

It is estimated that around 300 teachers have been serving at different levels of political parties in the district. Once action is taken against the teachers, new teachers will be hired in their place, according to sources.

“Fresh teachers will do better work and contribute more. Those who receive salary as teachers but carry political parties’ flags must face action,” Nepal said.

The District Education Office’s drive to rein in teachers with political affiliations, however, hasn’t gone down well with political parties.

Just a few days ago, the issue sparked a dispute at the office of the chief district officer after UML district chairperson Raj Kumar Bhandari lashed out at DEO Nepal.