Team escorting PM Deuba injured in Kailali road mishap

DADELDHURA: At least 10 security personnel escorting Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on return trip from his home village, sustained injuries after the vehicles they were travelling on fell into the roadside pit at Sahajpur in Kailali district today.

A public transport jeep (Se 1 Ja 1503) hired for the purpose of poll security, carrying the escorting team from Kailali District Police Office, fell into the pit at steep turn along the Mahakali Highway injuring 10 persons this afternoon, according to the DIG Romendra Singh Deuja at the Far-western Regional Police Office, Dipayal.

No other casualties have been reported.

Other vehicles including that of PM Deuba are safe.

Meanwhile, the injured have been sent to a health institution in Kailali.

PM and his spouse Arzu Rana Deuba were returning to Kathmandu after casting their votes from the voting centre in Ganyapdhura Rural Municipaltiy-1 in Dadeldhura district.