Temporary police posts attract youths in Madhes

Rautahat, March 29

Though different Madhes-based parties have vowed to prevent the upcoming local-level election in the plains, Rauthat youths are excited about participating in the polls in every way possible. Thousands of local youths are vying for the post of temporary police to help in smoothly conducting elections. According to data at Rautahat District Police Office, it has so far distributed 1,500 application forms in the district.

“Of them, 1,400 have filled and submitted the forms,” said Inspector Ashok Jha of the DPO.

The government has announced vacancy for 75,000 temporary police personnel across the country.

One of the aspirants is 51-year-old Koshila Devi Mahato and her eldest son Lakhindar Mahato of Jokaha. “I hope the job will help support my family as it is really difficult for us to provide for our family of six,” said Koshila.

Lakhindar, on his part, said their prime concern at the moment was to feed their family. “Madhes-based parties might have boycotted the election, but for us the priority is survival and providing two meals a day for our families. The political issues are meaningless to us as long as our stomachs are empty,” he argued.

Locals Ranju Kumari Baitha of Bishrampur, Nira Chaudhary and Ganita Chaudhary of Chandrapur, who were in the line to submit the form, had similar opinions.

The United Democratic Madhesi Front has vowed to prevent the poll until the government addresses their genuine concerns by amending the constitution and pegs the existing number of rural municipalities in the region.