‘Tendency to file graft cases with ill intention up’

Hetauda, February 11

Bagmati Province Chief Minister Dormani Poudel today said the tendency to file corruption cases with the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority in a bid to stop development projects and create unfavourable working atmosphere in the local levels had recently gone up.

Speaking at a programme organised on the occasion of the 29th establishment day of CIAA in Hetauda, CM Poudel expressed concern, saying that

the trend of registering cases with the anti-graft body out of personal animosity and prejudice has increased of late. The chief minister also said many graft cases were filed with the CIAA with the intention to defaming others.

CM Poudel, however, hailed the CIAA’s activism in checking corruption in the country. He asked the anti-graft body not to arrest someone simply on the basis of phone calls and text messages. Poudel also said not discharging duty responsibly was also a form of corruption.

At the programme, CIAA Hetauda Office Chief Shiv Kumar Karki said corruption cases related to local levels had increased. Karki said that his office had launched 15 sting operations to crack down on corruption this fiscal.