Terentev appointed Honorary Consul of Nepal to St Petersburg

KATHMANDU: The government has appointed Alexander V. Terentev as Honorary Consul of Nepal for Saint Petersburg, Russia. According to the Embassy of Nepal in Moscow, Terentev is an eminent Russian businessman, hotelier and a good friend of Nepal.

Ambassador of Nepal to the Russian Federation, Ravi Mohan Sapkota Kopila, inaugurated the Office of the Honorary Consul of Nepal in Saint Petersburg on 25 January amid a grand ceremony. Inaugurating the Office, Ambassador Sapkota told that the opening of the Office in Saint Petersburg has advanced the Nepal-Russia relations which is so happily subsisting between the two countries. He also emphasised that it would not only increase the number of tourists to Nepal from Russia but would also create new avenues vis-Ã -vis trade and investment.

Similarly, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Vladimir V. Zapevalov, welcomed and congratulated Mr. Terentev on the occasion and told that it was a good move of the Government of Nepal in enhancing Russia-Nepal relations. Some other representatives from different organisations of the Russian Federation and representatives from Nepali diaspora also congratulated Mr. Terentev and appreciated the move of the Government of Nepal in this regard.

Newly appointed Honorary Consul Terentev thanked Government of Nepal for entrusting him with the responsibility and expressed that he would leave no stone unturned to work for the progress of Nepal and Nepalis. He also expressed that he, as per the instruction of the Embassy of Nepal in Moscow, was ready to take necessary steps to increase the flow of tourists to Nepal and enhance trade and investment in Nepal, added the press release issued by the Embassy of Nepal in Moscow.