Textbooks being published in Doteli language

Dhangadi, March 11

Textbooks for students from Grade I to III are being prepared in Doteli Language in Province 7.

The textbooks are being prepared in collaboration with Global Education, a non-governmental organisation and Community Development Centre.

Global Education Reading skill Development Manager Sima Acharya said that the organisation was providing support to prepare textbooks in seven languages across the country.

Community Development Centre, Doti, Chairman Hem Raj Joshi said that the prepared textbook would be available online. “The textbook will be provided to schools willing to teach students in Doteli language,” he informed. Joshi further added that before preparing to publish the textbooks, suggestions were collected from educationists, language experts and stakeholders from all nine districts of the province where the language is widely spoken.

Head teacher Gita Joshi of Padam Public Muktinath High School, Silgadi said the textbook in Doteli language would play a key role in promoting local language.