Thakur ready for talks with government

Birgunj, October 1

Tarai Madhes Democratic Party Chairperson Mahantha Thakur has clarified that Unified Democratic Madhesi Front is ready to hold fruitful formal talks with the government provided the latter creates conducive environment for the same.

Speaking with journalists at Hotel Kumu in Birgunj today morning, the TMDP leader rued the failure of the purported talks to make any headway owing the nonchalant attitude of the government.

“The government claims that its serious about addressing the unrest in the Tarai but shows no interest in fulfilling our preconditions. How can talks be materialise amid such dismissive attitude of the ruling parties?” asked the TMDP chief.

According to Thakur, preconditions like lifting of curfew and prohibitory order and withdrawal of the army and other security personnel from such areas, compensation to the families of those who died in the Madhes agitation, free treatment of the injured and the release of those detained during agitation are yet to be fulfilled.

“Though the state has agreed to provide compensation to the families of those who died in the agitation and free treatment to the injured, nothing of that sort has happened so far. On top of that, thousands of people are fleeing their houses and places due to the terror spread by the state security forces,” added the leader, accusing the state of showing double standard by not walking its talk.

Whatever talks have taken place so far with the government are informal and it takes sincerity on the part of the government to hold such talks formally, Thakur said, who described the recently promulgated statute as a biased document, saying it had failed to address the concerns of the marginalised and suppressed.

The Madhesi leader also identified demands for an autonomous Madhes province, representation on the basis of population in all state bodies, and citizenship provision as per the interim constitution as the bottom line for the front. Thakur talked to journalists before leaving the district for talks in the Capital today.