Thapa calls for resolution through talks

Pokhara, January 4

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs Kamal Thapa today urged the agitating forces to halt their months’ long strike in the southern plains and seek a resolution through dialogue.

“If the agitation continues any longer, the extremists may become more active and meet their partisan interests.

Many of the demands put forth by the agitating forces have already been addressed and as for some other demands, the government, along with the main opposition and other major political parties are ready to address their concerns through constitution amendment.

Hence, there is no point in continuing the agitation as there are better options,” he said, adding that continuous strikes had damaged economic development of the country as well.

He also underscored the need to amend the constitution as per the need of the time. “This constitution is a common paper for as many as 31 political party leaders participated in the promulgation of the country’s law, which has kept all opposing forces on the same ground,” he said.