Tharu agitators unhappy with amendment

KATHMANDU: Commenting that the first amendment to the Constitution, endorsed by the House on Saturday, did not address its demands, the Tharuhat-Tharuwan Joint Struggle Committee said it would continue the protests.

"Our main demand is to fix reservation on the basis of population of Tharus so as to show their identity for proportional representation in the state," a press statement issued by the Committee Coordinator Dhaniram Chaudhary said, "But the amendment has not addressed main sentiments and demands of the Tharuhat movement."


Chaudhary commented that the government and major parties betrayed the protesting parties as they hastened to endorse the amendment while the protesters were in talks with them.

The Committee, meanwhile, urged the government and major parties to endorse the Constitution on the basis of their 13-point demand including revision on demarcation of provincial boundaries.

"Otherwise, there is no any alternative to waging intensifying the current protest," it warned.