Tharu communities start preparation for Maghi festival in Kailali

DHANGADHI: Tharu communities in Kailali district have started preparations for their biggest festival, Maghi.

The community celebrates the festival for three days -- from the last day of Poush to Magh 2  of the Nepali calendar -- with a lot of fanfare. 

Magh 1 marks the new year in Tharu Sambat for the Tharu community. Preparation for the festival begins weeks ahead that includes wood collection, preparation of food items, among others. With the nearing festival, locals are busy decorating their houses, preparing ethnic and local delicacies, informed Ganga Chaudhary, local of Mohanpur in Bhajani Municipality-2 of the district. 

Dhikri, a dish made from rice floor, is one of the main delicacies of the festival. 

In the past years, there used to be fairs organised in various locations weeks before the festival arrived, however, this year no fairs were planned due to the Covid-19 pandemic, informed Chaudhary. "We will all celebrate the festival at our homes and village with gusto.”

After the end of Maghi, the Tharu people start new works, initiate marriages, among other ventures. This festival is also the time for Tharu communities to elect a leader to represent their villages.

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