‘Tharu community in peril due to dowry’


Cultural bad practice in society has become a headache in Bara.

Deputy Mayor Sunaina Devi Tharuni of Kolhabi Municipality in Bara said the Tharu community had been backward due to their luxurious lifestyle and dowry system.

Tharuni addressed a programme organised by Tharu Journalists District Working Committee, Bara, on the occasion of Maghi in the municipality. She said some imported customs in the Tharu community had become a headache.

Tharuni said that the luxurious lifestyle, dowry system, among other cultural evils, had forced the community into the vicious cycle of poverty. “People have to unite, start thinking against bad practice, and hold discussion to advocate against bad practice,” she added.

Tharuni said poor people could not get their children married due to lack of money and community leaders should take responsibility.

She added that all languages, cultures and traditions, along with Tharu culture, needed to be conserved and everyone had to protest against the dowry system and other social bad practices.