Tharus can be granted autonomy, assures Deuba

DHANGADHI: Former prime minister and senior leader of Nepali Congress, Sher Bahadur Deuba, said Tharus living in Kailai and Kanchanpur districts would be granted autonomy.

Deuba was speaking at a concluding function of the Far-West Regional Orientation and Training Programme organised by the party in Dhangadhi on Thursday.

He claimed that the NC was ready to grant Tharus an autonomous region after consultation with other parties.

He even said the special rights granted to Tharus, both Rana and Dangaura types, of the region would help them rise in education and improve their living standard.

Deuba urged other parties to forge consensus with Tharus through talks. Tharus living in Seti and Mahakali zones would benefit living here than in other provinces, he said requesting the hilly people to initiate campaigns to maintain social harmony with Tharus and other ethnic groups.

He further said the Constitution is ever amendable unlike any other religious manuscript and claimed the newly promulgated historic charter is the best and the most modern Constitution in Asia.

Similarly, another NC leader Bimalendra Nidhi called for finding the current deadlock through talks.

Likewise, NC leader Ramesh Lekhak said the state would not be restructured on the basis of any specific caste and creed.