Tharus to launch protest

Kathmandu, June 8:

The Tharu Youth Front Nepal (TYFN) announced a month-long protest programme today to put pressure on the government to meet its 13-point demand.

The 13-point demand includes the formation of a federal republic, immediate announcement of the date for the Constituent Assembly elections and proportionate representation of the Tharus in the government.

Issuing a press release, the TYFN stated, “We have been forced to launch a month-long protest as there is no other way to bring the Tharus living all over Nepal together and sensitise the government about concerns of the Tharus.” The protest programme will start on June 12 and last till July 17. As part of the protest, the Tharus will submit memoranda to the Prime Minister and the eight parties, launch a nationwide publicity campaign, hold consultations with human rights leaders, stage a sit-in at Bhadrakali and organise mass meetings across the country. The Tharus will also stage a demonstration on the East-West Highway on July 17.