Incidents of theft have increased in the residential quarters of Shreeram Sugar Mills in Garuda of Rautahat in recent days.

"Thefts are happening almost every night in our residential quarters, but the people concerned are apathetic to our problems, which is so sad," said Rajdev Sahahi, accusing the mill management of not doing anything.

Though the mill management had closed its operation and prepared to sell it two years ago, the same couldn't happen after workers at the mill refused to leave the residential quarters citing the non-payment of their salaries and allowance.

"It was too much on the part of the industry management to compel us to live us in the dark by cutting power supply to our quarters," said Sahani.

"The copper wire, battery and electric wires from the factory premises are being stolen but though we have informed the police, nothing has happened,"

Sahani said, asking the administration to take the initiative to get the industry to pay the overdue salaries and allowances of the workers.

Sugarcane Producers Association Chairperson and social worker Ashok Yadav has demanded that police arrest people in the management of the mill and get them to pay overdue salaries and allowances. The people in the management of the mill are at large.

A version of this article appears in the print on September 19 2021, of The Himalayan Times.