Thirteen Dalit families in peril

Kalikot, August 10:

Thirteen Dalit families in Daha village development committee in Kalikot district have been forced to take shelter in a nearby cave for three weeks as they fear a cliff above their village could breakdown at anytime.

The displaced families said they were forced to take shelter in the caves as the cliff locally known as Naage in Goralwada village in Daha-7 started showing cracks.

“There are cracks in the Naage cliff and big boulders may roll towards our house at any time. Therefore we are taking shelter in the cave at Gaurikhada which lies at a distance of three kilometres from our village,” Saila BK (22) said.

The displaced people belong to the family of Parvate BK, Karune BK and Ranne BK.

The locals had requested the Kalikot District Administration Office on July 22 to blast the cliff by using explosives and prevent the impending loss to local people. Police have already surveyed the Naage cliff area and have suggested the DAO to blast the cliff saying that the Dalit settlements would be at risk if the cliff was not exploded.

“As per the report of the police, I have already discussed the case with Nepal Army. The NA will start blasting within a few days,” CDO Bed Bahadur Karki said.

Karki added that some 300 persons and explosives would be required to explode the cliff. He informed that the DAO was making preparations to provide relief to people living in the cave.

“We are compelled to live in cave. It is very difficult for our children. Also we don’t have any space to keep our livestock,” said Parvate BK who has arrived in district headquarters Manma to request the local administration.

“We have made repeated requests to local administration to provide relief to us. But they are not heeding to our demands. We are in immediate need of tents to make temporary shelters for us,” he added.