Thousands suffer due to erroneous Grade X results

Kathmandu, June 25

Around 49,000 students, who had appeared for Secondary Education Examination, had shelved their plans to join Grade XI soon after the results were out on Saturday. They finally heaved a sigh of relief on Sunday afternoon after they were told there were errors in their report cards.

Many of these students had to go through mental suffering for at least a day due to negligence of the Office of the Controller of Examination.

Grade X students, who obtain grade point average of 1.25 to 1.60 (D+) and 0.85 to 1.20 (D) in board exams, are not eligible for admission in Grade XI. On Saturday, when Grade X board exam results were published, OCE stated that 94,272 students had scored D+ and D. On Sunday, however, the OCE revised its number and said only 45,459 students had scored D+ and D. With this, 48,813 additional students have become eligible for enrolment in Grade XI.

The OCE has acknowledged the mistake on its part and rectified the errors. Publishing the revised results today, the OCE requested students to refer to the websites of OCE and Nepal Telecom.

As per the revised results, 4,101 additional students secured GPA between 3.65 and 4.00 (A+). With this, 18,335 students now have a score of A+. Similarly, the number of students with GPA of 3.25 to 3.60 (A) has gone up by 2,811, while 2,068 additional students have secured GPA between 2.85 and 3.20 (B+). Also, 352 additional students obtained GPA of 2.45 to 2.80 (B), 28,135 more students secured GPA of 2.05 to 2.40 (C+) and 5,422 additional students got GPA of 1.65 to 2.00 (C).

Smriti Shrestha is one of the students whose GPA was revised upward. “I was quite sad when I was told I had scored B+,” Kathmandu-based Shrestha said. “But all of a sudden I got a call from my brother who informed that I had scored A. I could not even be happy, because I was still not sure who to trust.”

The OCE claims that the errors were a result of a ‘technical glitch’. “The errors occurred due to the new software that we introduced this year and the presence of new engineers,” said OCE Controller Ambika Prasad Regmi.

The OCE had assigned 16 web portals and nine SMS and Interactive Voice Response service providers to disseminate the Grade X board exam results.

Controller Regmi, however, said the results published by the Nepal Telecom were accurate, while those published by other service providers were erroneous.

When asked why the OCE submitted accurate results only to the NT and erroneous ones to other service providers, Regmi said other service providers, including the OCE website, published the results early on Saturday, while NT published them only after Sunday’s revision.

However, students, teachers and schools said none of the service providers offered accurate results.

“In the last two days, we’ve got different results from different service providers. We referred to the official OCE website to make sure, but even that was not error-free,” said Bageswori Higher Secondary School Vice-principal Gyan Sagar Prajapati.

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