Police nabbed three fugitives from various places in Udayapur yesterday.

In the case of a bounced cheque, Krishna Dev Sharma of Triyuga Municipality had been sentenced to one year in prison and fined seven lakh rupees.

Udayapur police arrested him from Siraha's Thadi Bazaar.

Sharma, a furniture businessman, had been sentenced by the District Court Udayapur. Sharma had been on the run for a year after committing fraud exceeding Rs 50 million.

Similarly, the police arrested Sunsari Inaruwa Municipality-2's 55-year-old Inarlal Mehata, who had been on the run in a theft case. The District Court of Udayapur had slapped a fine of 50,000 rupees on him nine years ago. Police arrested him from Beltar Bazaar of Udayapur.

Similarly, Rabin Magar, 26, from Sonapur of Triyuga Municipality, who had been fined one thousand rupees in a public offence case seven years ago, was also arrested. Sub-inspector Harinandan Chaudhary, at the District Police Office of Udayapur, said that the three arrested individuals would be handed over to the District Court of Udayapur for execution of the verdict.

A version of this article appears in the print on September 27, 2023, of The Himalayan Times