Three SEE invigilators expelled in Dhanusha

Janakpurdham, April 5

Three invigilators were expelled during the Secondary Education Examination after they violated the examination code of conduct in Dhanusha today.

A team led by District Education Coordination Unit, Dhanusha, Chief Barkhu Rajak expelled two invigilators from Barkurwa Exam Centre and one from Thera Exam Centre. According to Rajak, one invigilator was expelled for helping a student hide mobile phone and another for permitting the SEE candidate enter the exam hall with mobile phone in a geometry box.

The invigilator of Thera Exam Centre was expelled for helping students use mobile phone during the exam. Students of Province 2 are taking the exams of the subjects that were cancelled after question papers of science and social studies were leaked.

Province Coordination Committee has banned the use of mobile phones in exam halls to ensure that exams are conducted in a fair manner. Students and invigilators are allowed to enter the exam hall only after depositing their mobile phones outside the exam centre.

Three students were also expelled for carrying mobile phones inside exam halls. Dhanusha DSP Rameswor Karki told THT that one was expelled from Kuwaram centre and two others from Barkurwa centre for using mobile phones inside the exam hall.

Students of Province 2 today took science exam, which was cancelled last week.