TMDP recalls CA members from opinion collection drive

Kathmandu, March 7:

The Tarai Madhes Democratic Party (TMDP) today decided to recall its Constituent Assembly members from districts where they have gone to collect public opinion on the forms and content of new constitution.

Citing “troubled situation” in the Tarai, the party decided to recall its members from the districts.

CA teams had left for districts on February 27. They are scheduled to collect people’s opinion on the new constitution for four weeks.

In a hastily called press conference here, TMDP president Mahantha Thakur said that the objective of opinion collection might not be achieved due to troubled circumstances in the Tarai-Madhes.

Thakur said the questionnaires prepared by the Constituent Assembly secretariat were incomprehensible to the general Madhesi people; there had been difficulties in communication with the local people and local administration also did not make the people aware of the CA members’ visits.

Thakur also demanded immediate suspension of the programme until the situation returned to normalcy.

He also informed that the party had decided to recall its 22 Constituent Assembly members from the districts.