Top NC leader fears Maoist

Phidim, May 21:

Central member of the Nepali Congress Manmohan Bhattarai today alleged that the Maoists were not in favour of parliamentary system and a proletariat dictatorship might dawn in the country if Prachanda was allowed to lead the next government.

Speaking at a party activists’ meet organised by the Nepali Congress, Panchthar unit, in Phidim today, Bhattarai said, “Marxism, Leninism and Maoism are the ideologies that stand against multiparty polity. We want the Maoists to form the next government as they are

the single largest party in the CA but we doubt whether there would be another election in the country once Prachanda assumes presidency.”

Bhattarai said it would take some more time for the change in the guard of the government, as the interim constitution was silent on head of state.

“Issues like what sort of presidency the country should have and whom the prime minister to submit resignation are not clear in the interim constitution,” he said.

Constituent Assembly member Purna Kumar Serma said the party faced defeat in the polls, as it failed to maintain its organisational structures.