Torch light distributed to ward off wild elephants

KANCHANPUR: Locals of Laljhadi Rural Municipality in the district were distributed torch lights to help minimise the damage caused by herds of wild elephants coming from across the border.

The municipality has invested Rs. 61,000 to purchase 60 units of torch lights to scare off the wild elephants that inflict damage to human life and property, including crops and vegetation. "Torch lights have been distributed to residents of ward 1 to 6 considering the vulnerability to damage by elephants," said Chair of the Rural Municipality Madan Sen Badayak.

Likewise, diesel worth Rs. 14,000 was purchased to use tractors that would produce sounds to scare off the wild elephants.

The concerned wards of the municipality have been suffering from the damage caused by wild elephants that come from across the border from the Duhuwa national park of India. Sugarcane, paddy and wheat crop are destroyed while food stock is damaged, added Badayak. Human casualties are also reported every year.