Tourism entrepreneurs optimistic after new charter

Pokhara, September 21

Tourism entrepreneurs in Pokhara have expressed optimism that their business may take a substantial leap with the delivery of the new constitution.

They organised a grand celebration saying that promulgation of the new statute had ended the country’s prolonged political instability and opened up new avenues for peace, stability and prosperity.

Som Thapa, chairperson of Pokhara Tourism Council, said they were confident that the new statute would help promote the hard-hit tourism sector after the devastating April 25 earthquake.

A rally was held with the initiative of PTC on the occasion of promulgation of the new statute. Tourism entrepreneurs and industrialists, along with traders of the lake city, participated in the rally. Tourism entrepreneurs, fed up of the continuous curfew and strikes called by different interest groups, which have hit the tourism sector hard, expressed relief after the promulgation of the new constitution.

Narayan Sapkota, former chairperson of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) western regional association, Pokhara, said, “The new constitution has relieved us from a long suffocation.”

September, October and November are said to be the key tourist months in the country. However, the arrival of only a handful of foreign guests has stunned entrepreneurs. “We are still hopeful that the situation will improve with the promulgation of the new constitution,” said Ganesh Bahadur Bhattarai, coordinator of Pokhara Tourism Revival Committee. A large number of entrepreneurs welcomed the constitution by illuminating Lakeside area.

Western Regional Hotel Association Pokhara welcomed the new statute with a statement. Bharat Raj Parajuli, chairperson of the association, said the new constitution had brought new hope and confidence to carry on with business, which was hit hard for long.

Many entrepreneurs have been facing crisis due to prolonged strikes and curfew that followed close on the heels of the earthquake, he said, adding that the international media ought to spread the message that Nepal is a safe destination.

Meanwhile, TAAN western regional association Pokhara Chairperson Ram Chandra Sharma said they were still suspicious about the ongoing Tarai unrest and demanded that the problem be resolved through peaceful dialogue.