10 locations of Jhapa included in the tourism promotion list


The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has picked 200 new locations to be featured in the latest list of touristic destinations across the country, with the aim to develop the physical infrastructure of these destinations for promotion of tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism has allocated Rs. 6.08 billion for the development and promotion of these 200 tourist destinations. The development of these locations will be done in partnership with the concerned local levels.

Among the new destinations, ten locations of Jhapa, the highest among the featured districts, have been included in the promotional list issued by the government.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation has appropriated over Rs 480 million for the promotion of these destinations in Jhapa.

The 10 locations selected for promotion in Jhapa are the Haluwagadh in Arjundhara, Domukha in Shivasatakshi, Kankai community botanical garden in Kankai, Science City in Bhadrapur, the Bhegadhi Democratic Martyrs Memorial Park in Haldibarai, Sadhupati Falls, and wetlands in Barhadashi, Kechana of Kachankewal, and Korobari wetlands in Gaurigung.

All the projects are estimated to cost Rs. 50 million each on average with the ministry allocating Rs. 330 million for the same while the remaining resources will be met through partners by the concerned local level.

Similarly, MoCTCA also selected four locations in the Kavrepalanchwok district. Accordingly, a budget of Rs. 139.2 million has also been appropriated for the protection and promotion of the tourist destinations in the district.

Under this project, the Bhimsensthan-Gadhidanga-Sangaseti tourism infrastructure development has received Rs. 46.2 million, the Teendhare Falls protection and infrastructure has received Rs. 50 million, Chandeswari steps construction in Banepa received Rs. 33 million while Rs. 10 million has been allocated for the Sangaseti-Khadakhebi war tourism trail in Chaurideurali Rural Municipality.