Tourist arrival in Palpa Durbar Museum picking up

PALPA: After it was turned into a museum, the number of tourists arriving at the Palpa Durbar has increased of late.

Around 30 to 50 tourists, domestic and foreign, are flocking the multipurpose durbar museum on a daily basis, said Curator of the Museum Bishnu Khanal.

Its importance was enhanced after the reconstruction of the Palpa Durbar in its old model.

Khanal shared that the tourist flow increased after the establishment of museum office on January 17.

The Rana-era Durbar was destroyed during the Maoist attack on February 1, 2007.

It was used for administrative works before the attack by the then Maoist rebels. The reconstruction work had started since July 17, 2007 and was completed on September 5, 2013.

It is assumed that the palace was constructed by Jung Bahadur Rana's brother Badri Narsingh from 1911 BS to 1930 BS.

The palace initially built in the model of Singha Durbar had collapsed and was later rebuilt by Pratap Shumsher in 1982 BS.