Tourist inflow in Lomanthang down by 35 percent

MUSTANG: Tourist flow to Lomanthang, one of the major tourist destinations in Mustang, witnessed a 35 percent decrease this year as opposed to last year, the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) said.

April 25 earthquake, ongoing Tarai protest and Indian border blockade are among the key factors attributing to the decline. According to the data provided by the ACAP 4,146 tourists visited Lomanthang in 2014, while only 2,686 tourists made it to the area in 2015.

ACAP Chief Santosh Sherchan said that political instability due to the political upheavals is also to be blamed for the situation. He added that around 1,000 tourists cancelled their trip to the area in 2015 due to the political instability.

He said that eight months from April to November are peak season for tourists in the area and that most of tourists visiting here are from the United States of America, Australia and Spain.

“A tourist makes up to 15-day stay on average. However, tourist flow has decreased after the devastating quake,” he said, adding that the Royal Palace of former King of Mustang, structures made from mud and natural beauty are major attractions of the area.