Translation of Nepali literature stressed for internationalisation

MARYLAND, USA: People of Nepali origin, journalists and litterateurs, and social activists in US have stressed on the need of translating important literary creations written in the Nepali language into English and other international languages for internationalisation of the Nepali language.

They expressed the view while speaking in a programme organised by the International Literary Society, Maryland Chapter here on Sunday.

The speakers at the programme said there was a need of world-class translation of Nepali literature with the cooperation of the Nepalis living abroad.

Former president of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) and author Kishor Nepal said, “There was the need of publications that would provide information to the future generations about language, culture and tradition as well.”

"A book on various subjects providing information to the future generation on Nepal and written in the English language which meets the global standard is badly needed at present," said Nepal.

He also urged the Nepali diaspora to pay special attention to utilising their knowledge and skills for promoting the Nepali literature and also to think about their Nepal connection.

Similarly, HB Bhandari, who has forayed into politics in America, shared that there was confusion regarding many topics while carrying out research on Nepal in universities in the US. He further said there should not be any delay in translating important Nepali documents and literary creations.

Likewise,  Shyam Karki, president of the board of trustees of the America-Nepal Literary Society, spoke on the various initiatives undertaken by the Society through different ways for the promotion of Nepali language and literature.

He said Nepali language classes have been started in Maryland for the benefit of future generation.

NRN Maryland Chapter President Durga Shrestha said the Nepali diasporas extended a helping hand for the social and economic transformation of the motherland, Nepal, adding that they were also ready to provide support for the preservation and promotion of language and literature.

Nepalese Journalists in America (NEJA) former president Gautam Dahal said language and literature were an important aspect of journalism, so the Nepali journalists working and living abroad have played an important role in the promotion of Nepali language and literature.

Morgan State University professor Dr Bhim Kattel, Dr Uttam Gauli, Dr Krishna Bista, journalist Tarun Poudel, Madhukar Adhikari, among other speakers, shared their ideas regarding promotion of Nepali language and literature in the international level.