Transport entrepreneurs protest against one-way hike in traffic fines

KANCHANPUR: Kanchanpur-based transport entrepreneurs and workers have launched joint protests against the decision to increase fines for traffic rules violations, on Tuesday.

They have come to the streets as a part of the nationwide agitation called by the National Federation of Nepal Transport Entrepreneurs (NFNTE), accusing the government of arbitrarily increasing the fines.

Various associations of transport entrepreneurs and workers in Mahakali Zone have joined the agitation, informed Hom Bahadur Kunwar, NFNTE regional coordinator for Far-Western region.

After amendments under Section 164 of the Motor Vehicle and Transport Management Act, 1993, any person caught violating traffic rules would be punished with a fine of Rs 500-1,500. Earlier, the fine for traffic rule violation was Rs 25-200.

Increment in penalty for the traffic rules violation fees would not solely help reduce road accidents, other reformative programmes need to be introduced to ensure road safety, Kunwar stressed.