Transport fares slashed in rural Doti

Dipayal, September 11

With the decision to offer temporary route permits to vehicles, the District Transport Management Committee has also decided to reduce transportation fare in the rural section of Doti by 50 per cent.

The committee had fixed the new fare at Rs 8.5 per kilometre amounting to Rs 550 for the 65 kilometres’ stretch along the Rajpur-Chawara road section, against a fare of Rs 1,000 to 1,200 that passengers had to pay earlier. As many as eight village roads have received temporary route permits.

According to the new rates, passengers will be charged with Rs 8.5 per kilometre along Rajpur-Chawara and Silgadi-Jhigrana road sections, Rs 8 per kilometre along Dipayal-Mauwa-Melek-Dauda road section, Rs 7 per kilometre along Luhadkhadi-Durkot, Dipayal-Kapaleki, and Silgadi-Ladagada-Naridang road sections, and Rs 6 per kilometre along Budar-Bajhilek and BP Nagar-Bagachheda road sections.

The rates were determined on the basis of the type of road, and difficulty traversing through them.

The committee’s meeting has decided to implement the new rates from September 17 this year, and has also planned to request the concerned offices and organisations to repair roads damaged during the rainy season.

Meanwhile, Chief District Officer Keshab Prasad Acharya said that action will be taken against those who do not implement the new fares.