Transportation resumes after five months

Rautahat, January 27

Following an agreement between United Democratic Madhesi Front and other Madhes-based parties, transport services in Gaur, the district headquarters of Rautahat, resumed after five months today.

Passenger buses in Gaur had halted services since August 15 due to the general strike called by the UDMF and Federal Socialist Madhesi Alliance, bringing general mobility of the people to a virtual halt. Transport services resumed following an agreement between local transport entrepreneurs and the agitating parties.

Rautahat Bus Entrepreneurs Association chairperson Rama Shankar Giri said they finally heaved a sigh of relief after public transport services were allowed to resume.

“We’ve suffered a huge loss during the past five months. But the agreement today is a huge respite to both the transport entrepreneurs and the locals here,” he said, urging the front to take initiatives for exemption of road tax, route permit fee, interest on bank loans, among other things, for the period they had to halt services. Earlier, due to the strike some 400 transport workers had lost their only means for livelihood due to the protracted Madhes agitation. The recent news, however, is nothing to be euphoric about if a local front leader’s remark is anything to go by, who claimed that the let-up was only for 10 days. “As we’re aware of the plight of locals and transport workers, we’ve decided to ease the ban on vehicles for 10 days only,” said Anil Singh, a leader of TMDP.