Trees spouting water again

Tanahun, June 23:

The three dabdabe trees situated in Vyas municipality-1, which had miraculously begun spouting water on May 11 and stopped on June 19, have resumed the spouting water after a local woman tied a panchdoli each around the trees and offered puja there.

The three trees, which had begun spouting water suddenly on May 11, stopped just as suddenly on June 19.

The spouting stopped after 15 minutes of puja offered by 50 Buddhist lamas and jhankris, said a local Khemraj Adhikari.

He added that the miracle stopped after the lamas and jhankris claimed that they were avatars of Shiva and asked to be housed in the nearby Shiva Panchayan temple.

While the trees were spouting water, more than a lakh devotees from Kathmandu, Pokhra, Baglung, Lamjung, Chitwan, Parbat, Makwanpur and Rupandehi came and offered puja there.

Today, Satyadevi offered puja and cast away the spell by the lamas and jhankris, said a happy local Durga Bhakta Adhikari.

He added that Satyadevi circled the trees thrice and had a shivering fit. Moments later, the water began gushing from the trees.