Surya Mani Gautam

Surkhet, March 13:

For the first time a bus arrived at Triveni Bazaar of Devsthal Kainkauda Chaurjahari road section today. A bus bearing registration no Lu 1 Kha 2609 run by the Mid-western Transport Entrepreneurs’ Association arrived at Triveni Bazaar from Salyan’s Salli Bazaar. Triveni Bazaar, located on this section, is 8 km away from Devsthal. The road has been built by the Royal Nepalese Army with the participation of local residents. According to the Devsthal Kainkada Chaurjahari road construction army team based in Salli Bazaar, the local businessmen and residents warmly welcomed the passengers with garlands and red powder.

The transport service will operate regularly and construction beyond this point will move ahead gradually, said Major Bishwo Bandhu Pahadi, an engineer of the road construction team. The construction work, which had started eight years ago by the DDC Salyan and Roads Department, was halted due to security reasons. But 14 km track was completed after the army took the responsibility to build the roads last year, added Major Pahadi.