TU affiliated Bhojpur college gets new building

BHOJPUR: Students of Bhojpur Multiple Campus in the district headquarters of Bhojpur are finally able to attend classes in an actual building as opposed to a makeshift zinc-topped shelter.

The college had been forced to carry out classes in the makeshift shelter after the earthquake of April 2015 completely damaged the old buildings, following which the students had been facing a hard time learning in the shelter.

However, teaching and learning at the institution have eased after Gorkha Welfare Trust Nepal constructed and handed over the new building to college administration, said professor Santosh Koirala.

The Trust -- in addition to technical support -- made an investment of Rs 11.2 million towards construction of the earthquake resistant college building of eight rooms to facilitate students' learning process, said college chief Rohit Kumar Shrestha.

Construction of the college building, which had begun on November 6, 2017, was completed on April 6, 2018.

The college was established in 2022 BS. It is the only institution in the district headquarters affiliated to Tribhuvan University.