Bhimarjun Acharya @BhimarjunPhD  

At a time we promulgated new constitution here officially, there are bad news from Tarai & other parts.

Sujeev Shakya @sujeevshakya  

Nepal Constitution promulgated Now timelines on amendments, elections and exit plan of this expensive CA required. Please don’t hang on!!

Tahseen Sayed @tahseensayed  

Congratulations NepalConstitution milestone for road 2 democracy & development

Sadhguru @SadhguruJV  

Congrats to people of #Nepal. Having settled the making of the Constitution, may this beautiful nation prosper

Acharya Madhuraman @MadhuRamanACH  

A big step in the history of Nepal made as the President declares the  country’s new constitution adopted by the Constituent Assembly

Pratyoush Onta @pratyoushonta  

Now that the constitution writing is over, may be we can pay some  attention to sectors of public life that deserve deep investigations.

Pankaj Pachauri @PankajPachauri  

Congratulations to a country on a progressive path. Proud to have a neighbour like you.

Rensje Teerink @RensjeTeerink  

Constitution promulgated! Honoured to be present at this historic moment for


Mrityunjoy Kumar Jha @Mrityunjoykjha  

#NepalConstitution Congrats.. finally #Nepalis are sovereign .. Birth pangs shd be handled carefully ..