Two Americans of Nepali origin win US election

Kathmandu, November 10

Harry Bhandari, a Nepali American, won Maryland state legislature election in the United States, becoming the first person of Nepali origin to reach the post in the USA.

Bhandari, 41, who is also known as Hira Bahadur Bhandari in Nepal, was elected for Maryland’s General Assembly, Baltimore district, as a candidate of Democratic Party. Bhandari, who went to the US a few years ago, had pursued master’s degree in PN Campus, Pokhara.

Bhandari, originally from Falebash Municipality, Parbat, is an educator for the local public schools system in the US. Bhandari, who lives in Nottingham Maryland, has served as adjunct faculty member of Baltimore City Community College.

The US held  mid-term elections on November 7 for all 435 seats of the House of Representatives, 33 seats in the Senate, 36 seats of governors, including state Senate, among others.

Bhandari congratulated all the Nepalis, including Americans of Nepali origin, for supporting him. He stated in his daybook post that his victory would help bring Nepalis in the national mainstream of the US. Bhandari secured  20,977 votes out of  80,000 voters.

PradeepDhakal, another US citizen of Nepali origin, who doesn’t represent any political party, won the election in local unit in Herndon, Virginia.

Another American of Nepali origin Madalasa Gurung, who ran election for New Hampshire General Assembly as a Democratic Party candidate, however, lost the election.