Two crushers operating unlawfully closed down in Lamjung

LAMJUNG: Besisahar Municipality has shutdown two crusher industries that have been operating unlawfully and without meeting proper standards in Beshisahar-1 of Lamjung district.

The municipality had mobilised police to send letters ordering the crusher industries — Triveni Roda Dhunga and Bulk Udhyog and Lamjung Crusher and Construction — to close after reports of the crushers adversely affecting Besisahar area and its connecting roads became afloat.

In mid-December, District Administration Office (DAO) had ordered both crushers to stop operation after finding them functioning illegally.

The crushers had been registered at Cottage and Small Industries Development Committee. However, they have not renewed their registration in the recent years, informed DAO Spokesperson, Assistant Chief District Officer Kajiman Sunar.

According to Sunar, Triveni Roda Dhunga and Bulk Udhyog, owned by Dipesh Shrestha, was registered in 2005 and the registration had been renewed till 2016. However, its registration has not been renewed after that. Similarly, Nirmal Jung Ghale-owned Lamjung Crusher and Construction, registered in 2011, had not been renewed even once.

Mayor of Besisahar Municipality Guman Singh Aryal said that the letters to stop operation were sent to the industries after reports of the crushers have been appearing in media. “We had allowed the operation taking into account the benefits to locals and development works in the district. Now that the industries have been shut down, cost for the ongoing constructions in the district and other development projects will double, or be stopped altogether.”

(Translated by Sandeep Sen; Edited by Priyanka Adhikari)