Two dozen Bhojpur VDCs without secretaries

Bhojpur, September 14

It has been reported that as many as two dozen VDCs have been operating without secretaries in Bhojpur.

As per District Development Committee Bhojpur, a single VDC secretary has had to take responsibility for at least two to four VDCs.

Local Development Officer Bhanu Bhakta Neupane said that Gupteshwor, Gogane, Basikhora, Chyangre, Ranibas, Siddheshwor, Nagi, Choukidanda, Nepaledanda and Khatamba VDCs have been sans secretaries.

Similarly, Pawala, Kot, Champe, Helauchha, Yaku, Aamtek, Kulung, Balakha, Dummana, Okhre, Washingtharpu, Patlepani and Manebhanjyang among other VDCs have been operating without secretaries.

There are two municipalities and 54 VDCs in the district.

It is learnt that the secretaries have been holding the post of chairperson of the VDC for want of people’s representatives at the local level.

As a huge chunk of budget granted by the government every year has to be mobilised by the secretaries in the VDC, various development activities and services have been adversely affected in VDCs without secretaries; namely distribution of allowance for single women, disabled people, the elderly, as well as security allowance.

As for VDC secretaries, they have complained that they are severely overworked as they have multiple VDCs to tend to.

Service seekers complained that the VDC secretaries preferred to stay in the district headquarters citing the need to provide services to the locals of two or more than two VDCs.

Hence, they have to frequent the headquarters for necessary services.

“Though we have written to the concerned office several times demanding that the post of secretaries be filled, our efforts have been in vain so far,” said DDC Bhojpur.