Two hurt as students flex their muscles

INARUWA: Two students were injured when two groups of students clashed each other at Sunsari Multiple Campus in Inaruwa today. The clash broke out during a meeting organised to form a committee for student tour.

President of Free Students’ Union Dharmabir Arya and Basanta Subedi, were among those who sustained injuries in the melee. Critically injured Subedi has been undergoing treatment at Neuro Hospital in Biratnagar.

The dispute ensued after the members of the FSU demanded to lead the committee while other students denied their leadership.

President Arya claimed that an unruly group attacked them all of a sudden while they were discussing about the formation of the committee.

The campus administration has shut the college following the incident. According to Campus Chief Jaya Prakash Gupta, the administration has formed a committee to settle the dispute among students.