Two lakhs bounty for finding abducted child

BANKE: After the authorities failed to track down their abducted son, parents of Gaurab Rastogi of Tribhuwanchock in Nepalgunj said that they would give away Rs 2 lakhs to the person helping find their son.

Family members have been worried fearing worst after whereabouts of Gaurab, who was abducted from Nepalgunj 44 days ago, is still unknown.

Gaurab's father Krishna, issuing a public notice, announced the prize for the person finding his son or giving information leading to his whereabouts.

He said he was compelled to announce it after the police, despite frequent requests and pressures by locals, remained incompetent to find his missing son.

"Forty-two days have passed but the police have not yet found and freed my son," a visibly shaken Krishna said. "As I asked my son's condition with the police, they just said their investigation was going to complete. However, there is no credible information about my kidnapped son."

Krishna said he did not find any clue about his son's whereabouts even after reaching from pillars to posts such as human rights organisations, police and others.

He said he was chagrined due to the police's conspicuous apathy.

According to him, he already gave Rs 7 lakhs as ransom to his son's "abductors". But the criminals are yet to release his son.

Different political parties and businessmen have flayed the police for it was unsuccessful to control crime in Banke district.

President of Nepalgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industries Damodar Acharya accused the police of not seriously involving in the search.

"After such a long time since a person has been abducted, police are saying they were still carrying out search. They must feel what sort of trauma the family members are through everyday," he said. "It's really shameful thing as the victim's relatives themselves issued public notice for finding their member with a bounty."