Two Lamjung villages face high risk of landslide

Lamjung, August 7

Locals of two villages in Lamjung are forced to live under constant fear of landslips. Landslips in Bhoje and Chipla villages of Kolasothar Rural Municipality have terrorised the people of the villages for years.

Landslides over the years have swept away all arable land and roads of the villages. People have to construct a new path to walk every time landslips hit the villages.

Landslips displaced six families of Bhoje village last year. According to ward secretary Lila Kumari Tiwari, as many as 30 houses are at risk of displacement in the village. Tiwari said landslips had stolen locals’ sleep at night.

Similarly, landslip in Chipla has displaced as many as eight houses this year.

Displaced Bal Bahadur Gurung said landslip had put 17 houses in Tallo Chipla and 22 houses in Upper Chipla at high risk.

Earlier, a government team, that inspected landslip vulnerability, had recommended resettlement of the villagers to a safer place

Lamjung District Coordination Committee, Water Induced Disaster Centre, and Soil Conservation Office had spent millions on landslip control. But, the efforts went down the drain, said LDO Dilliram Sigdel.

A team led by engineer Mani Kumar Rai from the Ministry of Physical and Urban Development had carried out a study on mudslide two years ago. The study had concluded that Bhoje was most vulnerable to landslides.