Two local bodies lock horns over border

Ramechhap, December 26

A border dispute between Sunapati and Khandadevi rural municipalities in Ramechhap has deepened with both local bodies putting up their welcome boards in each other’s territories.

Sunapati and Khandadevi rural municipalities have been locking horns ever since the local bodies were restructured .

Though there was no dispute whatsoever between the then Khandadevi Village Development Committee and other VDCs, the dispute started after the implementation of new local bodies.

Both Sunapati and Khandadevi rural municipalities claim Galwa Bazaar as their territory.

As per reports, after Khandadevi Rural Municipality put up a hoarding board in Sunapati Rural Municipality, the latter also put up a similar board in the area. As the bazaar area has a number of shops, both the rural municipalities are said to be eyeing the huge amount of tax they could collect from businesses operating in the bazaar area.

Though a discussion was held today in the presence of CDO Krishna Prasad Sharma and representatives of both local bodies, the discussion ended inconclusively.

“As the representatives stuck to their guns, there was no way a solution could be reached,” said the CDO.