Two rhinos die in one week

Chitwan, June 26

Two rhinos were found dead in Chitwan National Park in the past week.

A female rhino was found dead near a concrete tower at Kumroj Community Madhyawarti Forest, inside the park, today morning, according to assistant conservation officer at the Park Nurendra Aryal.

It is surmised that the female rhino died due to a spat when the male beast tried to mate her. The deceased rhino was thirty years old.  According to Aryal, the rhino has a deep cut on its neck, however, its horn and feet are safe.

A one-year-old rhino was found dead in the eastern sector of the park five days ago. The young rhino was found half

eaten by a crocodile in the Rapti River.

One rhino was poached while 21 died naturally in the park this year. According to the latest census, the park presently has 605 rhinos.