Two swamp deer from SNP released in CNP

RATNANAGAR, CHITWAN: Two Swamp deer that were brought from Shuklaphanta National Park (SNP) have been released in Chitwan National Park (CNP) this morning.

CNP Chief Conservation Officer Ram Chandra Kandel shared that the deer were released in Padampur Block in the Eastern Sector of the national park today.

The deer arrived in the park at 2.00 am last night and were released this morning as per the translocation plan, according to Kandel.

The female deer were released to CNP in the first phase for the preservation of the endangered beast and expansion of its off-springs in numbers according as the government planning.

A joint team of 30 staffers from CNP and SNP led by Senior Veterinary Surgeon Kamal Gaire at CNP had taken the cervids under control after trapping them in net, the Information Officer at CNP Nurendra Aryal said.

According to CNP sources, 23 deer are yet to be translocated to CNP from Shuklaphanta as per the government's decision taken three years ago to release 25 swamp deer including five male here.

Earlier, 15 endangered wild water buffaloes were also translocated to CNP from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and central zoo.

Although the bovids and cervids inhabited in the jungles of Chitwan during 60s, none of them survived after the national park was established in the area.