Two water projects in pipeline in Surkhet

SURKHET, July 11

Jhupra Comprehensive Drinking Water and Sanitation Corporation has introduced a plan to utilise water from two streams to end acute water shortage in the Surkhet Valley.

The government, Municipal Development Fund and Jhupra Comprehensive Water Project have reached a tripartite agreement to invest Rs 17 crore for two water projects.

Earlier, consultants had carried out a feasibility study for the construction of the water projects, their operation and management. The tripartite agreement was signed after the engineering design of the projects were completed.

According to the agreement, more than Rs 17 crore will be invested to build the water projects at Kharikhola and Borikhola.

The government, Municipal Development Fund and Water Corporation will invest 70 per cent, 20 per cent and 10 per cent respectively for the project.

Kulmani Devkota, chairman of the water projects, said that as many as 34,000 households will benefit from the projects. Devkota said reconstruction works would begin in 45 days.

As per the plan, pond, deep tube well, drinking water filtration centre and distribution taps will be constructed.

The proposed water projects will solve the water crisis in the Surkhet Valley for some years. “This agreement will surely solve water crisis in the Valley,” Devkota added. He informed that feasibility study of using water from Bheri was also underway for a long-term solution.