Two youth remain missing in Saptari

SAPTARI: Two youths remain missing here since a long time, with parents complaining that the local administration and human rights workers not helping their cause.

Laxman Mairata Yadav’s 19-year-old son Sanjay Yadav has not been found since he left home following a minor dispute with his father three years ago. A resident of Joganiya VDC-8 in the district, Sanjay’s whereabouts is not yet known.

Laxman complains that the local administration as well as human rights workers have not been helping him find his son. Laxman had received a letter from his son six months after he left home saying he was residing in Biratnagar, but then he was not found there upon a search.

Likewise, Ram Kumar Yadav (20), from Bishariya VDC-2 of the district also remains missing since the past three months. Ram Kumar had left home for work in Rajbiraj on his motorbike and but has not returned since.

A written complaint was filed at the local administration but so far no search has been carried out to find him, complains his father Gajendra Yadav.