Typhoid grips Dalit village

Tanahun, July 10:

Dalits in Bakhre in Jamune-9 of Tanahun district have been suffering from fever and typhoid for over a month.

Of 80 households in the settlement, members of 40 families have taken ill, a local, Tek Bahadur Sunar, said. Locals said the doctors’ agitation had affected the patients.

“Nine members of my family were suffering from the diseases. Eight of them have recovered. I admitted my 12-year-old grandson to Damauli Hospital today,” Sunar said.

Another local Nirmala BK has also admitted her seven-year-old son Kishan to the hospital. “My son has been suffering from fever, chest pain and headache.” Some of the patients have visited private clinics, villagers said, adding the treatment has been affected due to the doctors’ agitation.

Assistant health worker at the Damauli hospital Ram Bahadur Gurung said the number of patients suffering from fever has increased in the hospital.