UCPN-Maoist plans to decentralise leadership

KATHMANDU: Decentralising power in the leadership that was agreed by the politburo meeting of the UCPN-Maoist earlier has also surfaced in the ongoing central committee (CC) meeting.

“We are preparing to adopt multiple posts in the central leadership due to a chaotic situation that persists after the unification with different parties and entry of large number of people from other parties,” said one of the politburo members.

However, according to him, discussions were underway about the proposed posts in the central leadership. The CC members have also commented over the dictatorship nature of the party leadership.

The party has also made a tentative agreement to organise its convention coinciding with the upcoming People’s War day.

Debates are going on whether the party should go for a system of multiple posts like that in the CPN-UML before the national convention or by amending the statute during the convention.