Kathmandu, February 2

The secretariat meeting of the agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front today decided to review the ongoing struggle in the Tarai.

According to Ram Naresh Raya of Tarai Madhes Sadbhawana Party, today’s meeting reviewed the agitation to strengthen it and make it more effective.

He said the meeting of top UDMF leaders would decide regarding the review of the ongoing agitation. Raya said the meeting would happen as soon as the top leaders arrive in Kathmandu from Bihar.

Today’s meeting also decided to bring in all other parties and organisations outside UDMF within the front to strengthen the movement.

Raya also said the UDMF would prepare records of the movement including videos of the government’s ‘suppression’. The meeting also decided to develop a souvenir including details of those who died in the struggle and those who were injured.

Raya said the joint meeting of the two task forces would resume once NC leader Mahesh Acharya returns from Biratnagar and Hridayesh Tripathi from Delhi.

Today’s meeting evaluated the movement so far and the top leaders would be briefed about the conclusion of the secretariat.