UDMF will not budge from its stance: Yadav

RAJBIRAJ: Chairman of the Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, one of the constituents of the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF), Upendra Yadav, said that the main demand of the Front was review on demarcation of federal units and they would not budge from its stance.

He made the statement while speaking at a press conference organised by Madhesi Journalists Association Saptari chapter in Rajbiraj on Wednesday.

"We will not accept at any cost the demarcation of Madhesi land carved earlier," Yadav said.

Expressing his hope that the talks between government and UDMF would be decesive today, he said "There is no need of chairmen alligned to the Front during the talks, the government talks team can hold decesive talks with the representatives of the Front."

He said that the plan to deploy special security force along the East-West Highway was merely a conspiracy to suppress the ongoing agitation.