UK report slams rights abuses in Nepal

KATHMANDU: The United Kingdom’s 12th Annual Report on Human Rights has expressed concerns over human rights abuses in Nepal.

The report, released in London today, said: “In 2009, freedom of expression continued to come under attack in Nepal”.

“Impunity continued unabated in 2009 despite commitments made by the Nepalese government to protect human rights,” it added.

It also raised concerns about Tibetan refugees in Nepal. “Freedom of expression for the Tibetan community in Nepal

also continued to be a source of concern,” it said. It further expressed concerns

over attacks on journalists and human rights activists. “The increase in intimidation and violence against journalists

and human rights defenders by senior

officials, political parties, armed groups and security personnel created a climate

of fear and insecurity.”

Raising concerns over the work of the British government to protect its population, the report added, “The notion

that governments had an international

responsibility to protect their own populations from the worst abuses has not yet

taken root at all.”

The annual report is taken as a tool to inform the parliament, NGOs and the general public on the rights front and to hold the Foreign Office “to account for our policy and activities to promote human rights around the world.”

The report was released by the UK Secretary of State, David Miliband.